"I'm sure back home they think I've lost my mind." -- Ben Folds Five

2004-02-07 - 11:27 a.m.

It's day 8.

I never thought it would be so hard to not be able to talk. All I can do is try to squeak out words and then, without fail, I get laughed at. It's quite humiliating, you know.

The worst part is that because of my voiceless-ness, when I go into work, I'm there all of 5 seconds and then the doctor asks me a question, like, "How are you today?", and as soon as I open my mouth to half-squeak, half-cough "Fine", said doctor says, "Go home."

I try in vain to squeak in protest. My pleas are generally followed by, "NOW."

"Go home NOW." Mreh, I know when I'm not wanted.

No appreciation WHATSOEVER for sick people who desperately need a paycheck in that place, I swear to god.

Then, Athena, the old man ho gets all mad and goes stomping through the hospital because the doctor makes her pick up the slack and let's face it, people, Athena the old man ho is not accustomed to actually working.

It's really the only reason I leave with a smile on my face.

Anyhow, i managed to stay yesterday for 2 entire hours, as you see, the doctor on duty came in two hours late, so she wasn't there to send me home. In that two hours, I learned that Ricky, the slightly flamboyant tech is a homewrecker.

And that my friends, in itself is shocking, as you should SEE this guy. He's not exactly a looker, but then there's the fact that he's homewrecking the butch receptionist's home -- now THAT my friends -- shocking.

It's like that couple with all the cats that comes into the vet all the time, bragging about how he's gay and she's a lesbian, yet they got married. Ahh, a marriage of convenience.

A really, really weird marriage of convenience.

The difference is that the butch receptionist is engaged to some other guy and Ricky, the slightly flamboyant tech is... well, okay, he has no girlfriend OR boyfriend for that matter, as no one thus far has been stupid enough to date him, as besides being a jerk, he's also an asshole, and also extremely disgusting.

Anyhow, yesterday, the incompetant new girl inadvertently walked in on them KISSING.


*ahem* Excuse me.

Anyhow, they didn't SEE her, as as soon as she witnessed the thing, she ran away, hand over mouth, searching for the nearest receptacle in which to lose her lunch, I'm guessing.

Athena, the old man ho heard about it and is pissed, because apparently, she wants to screw the kennel boy and after expressing her wishes to the guy, he told her that nothing could happen between them because it was against the rules to screw a co-worker.

I'm PRETTY sure he used this excuse to keep the raging bundle of STDs that is Athena, the old man ho away from him, but I digress. She was really, REALLY pissed and spent the two hours we were left alone and unsupervised yesterday, walking around, loudly saying, "I AM PISSED!! I WANTED TO LAY THE KENNEL BOY AND EVERYONE WAS ALL, 'NOOOO, IT'S AGAINST OFFICE POLITICS!!'"

Frickin' idiot.

Well, the whole ordeal was beginning to make me feel sick, and that's when the doctor came in and told me to go home.

Sure, I'm out money when the next paycheck rolls around, but at least I didn't have to hear about Athena's wishes to infect someone. Ewww...

And now, my friends, I turn to ebay to supplement my income once again...

wow, this was a bad entry.

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